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Hermosa Beach Emergency Operations Center Phase 1 & 2 Project Timeline

In December 2007, the City of Hermosa Beach granted a meeting space to the HB Amateur Radio Association. Located directly above the Historical Museum at the Community Center, the goals for the room were simple; to create a meeting place for HBARA and those interested in learning more about ham radio operation.

HBARA spokesman Ken Hartley, who spent 9 years as a volunteer firefighter had wanted to help Neighborhood Watch expand on existing Emergency Communications.  After graduating from a Leadership Hermosa Class in 2008, his vision of creating Hermosa’s first Emergency Operations Center were crystallized.  Says Hartley, “In a disaster scenario, an Emergency Operations Center is a lot like a “war room” where fire, police, and city operations run alongside a dedicated team of civilian volunteers who support Hermosa Beach and Disaster Communication Service programs.”

The goals were set and the volunteers went to work.  Throughout 2008, members of HBARA and concerned citizens started a reconstruction of the room that included a clean-out and rebuild project.   Old and non-working appliances were removed. Walls and ceilings were prepped for new electrical and utilization of existing antennas located on the civic center rooftop were tested.

Alongside Hartley and the HBARA members, the first phase of this project was motivated with the help of Hermosa Beach City Councilman J.R. Reviczky, and Rick Koenig who each gave tremendous time to the reconstruction project.  Other supporters include the City of Hermosa Beach, Public Works, Hermosa Beach Fire Department, Kiwanis, EPAC and Dresselhaus Family Construction.

When completed, the Emergency Operations Center room will also serve as a meeting ground for, Neighborhood Watch, a training room for Hermosa Fire and Police Departments and club room of the Hermosa Beach Amateur Radio Association.

Hartley expects Phase 2 of the building project to be complete in early 2010.

Phase 1 “Demo and Rebuild” December 20, 2007 – Present

Donations received from:

HB Kiwanis – $2500

ICI Paints - 20 gallons of paint

Dresselhaus Family Construction -16 office cubicles

Ken Hartley – $250 gift certificate to Learned Lumber

City of Hermosa Beach Contributions:

City purchased 25kW generator ($28,000) and electrical supplies & steel stud/framing; $8000 worth of communication equipment (including 1 ham radio for both schools); Public Works removed all of the old lighting in the room, sanded and painted the windows.  Captain Michael Garofano and Engine 12 crew of Hermosa Beach Fire Department assisted roof antenna inspection.

Citizen Volunteer Contributions:

Councilman J.R. Reviczky designed new electrical system, wiring & installation.

Local contractor, Rick Koenig designed demolition plan, including framing, electrical and plumbing.

PHASE 2 – October 5, 2009 – EOC Budget for Completion – $20,000 Request

Donation of $1,000 from Hermosa Beach Firefighters Association and Community Press release to announce Phase 2 of project.

Phase 2 Labor and Material Needs:


Fire Rated & noise reducing T-Bar ceiling


28ft wide x 48ft long x 12ft high area

Cabinets: 100-108″ long x 24″ deep (includes Corian counter top)

Overhead cabinets: 100-108″ long x 12″ deep


Cabinetry North Wall: 10′ long by 24″ deep (includes Corian counter top)

Standard stainless steel stink (flexible on actual size but don’t need dual sink)

Cabinetry West Wall: 3′ long by 24″ deep (includes Corian counter top)

New plumbing fixture & copper lines

Overhead cabinets (3′ long by 12″ deep)


Energy efficient lighting to be paid for by the city of HB


Carpeting vendor approved by city/paid for by city of HB


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