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National Firefighter Health Week

National Firefighter Health Week Was A Huge Success…

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Hermosa Beach Firefighters Association Sponsors Nationally Recognized Health Expert

Many departments and emergency organizations throughout the US conducted special activities and events during National Firefighter Health Week. Proving that health and wellness is important to all firefighters, volunteer and career, the Hermosa Beach (CA) Firefighters Association (HBFA) invited experts to conduct health talks to impart the importance of healthy living to its members.  The HBFA event featured Dr. Michael Richman, WebMD’s medical cholesterol expert, as well as other health professionals in fitness, nutrition, heart-health, and stress management.

California Fire Department Takes Health Week to Heart

FireRescue1.com ONLINE — While the National Firefighter Health Week is an initiative sponsored by the NVFC, career firefighters across the country have been involved as much as their volunteer counterparts.

Hermosa Beach Firefighters Kick-off National Firefighter Health Week

Beach Reporter – Hermosa Beach, CA August 17, 2008 In preparation for National Firefighter Health Week, Hermosa Beach firefighters walk along the Strand with personal trainer Nicole “Nicki” Fusco.

We would like to thank the following health educators and experts who joined with the HBFA to share the latest news and research in fields of Heart Health, Cholesterol Management, Stress Management, Nutrition and Fitness.  Please visit them by following the links below.

Michael Richman, MD –Heart Health and Cholesterol Management Medical Expert

Dr. Richman is a cardiothoracic/vascular surgeon and lipid specialist at The Center for Cholesterol Management in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Richman is currently the Medical Cholesterol Expert on WebMD and is often featured on television and radio as a medical expert on the topics of heart health and advanced cholesterol testing.

Peter Carter, MFT – Stress Management and Occupational Health Educator

Mr. Carter has aligned with public safety departments throughout Los Angeles and is a strong advocate for emotional wellbeing and health within the police and fire service. For the last 20 years he has worked with individuals, families and children in his private therapeutic practice in Torrance, California. For the past 15 years he has designed and instructed stress management, psycho-physiology & health courses for the Kinesiology and Health Science department at Cal State Fullerton.

Edward Connaughton, DC – “Live Food” Nutrition Educator

“Dr. Ed” specializes in live food nutrition and teaches individuals and groups how to incorporate live foods in their daily diet. A believer in the power of nutrition on a person’s overall health, Dr Ed’s goal is to spread live food awareness and has lectured and presented educational workshops to groups, schools and civic organizations throughout the Los Angeles and South Bay community. His chiropractic office is located in Hermosa Beach, California.

Nicole “Nicki” Fusco – Fitness Educator

Nicole “Nicki” Fusco is a National Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Professional Beach Volleyball Player with the AVP. When she’s not training with the Hermosa Beach Firefighters, she works with individuals and groups at Perfect Bodies on the Hermosa Beach Pier or on the beach for volleyball instruction and fitness conditioning.

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