Sister City

Hermosa Beach Firefighters and the Hermosa Beach Sister City Association work together to develop the paramedic program for Loreto, Mexico.

In 2005, Miguel Romero became the first Loreto firefighter to pass an intensive three-part exam including EKG interpretation, treatment of medical and trauma emergencies, and demonstration of skills treating “mega code” cardiac patients. Other firefighters followed, including fellow Loreto firefighter Porferio Vega Ruiz.

The Sister City Association have sponsored Hermosa firefighter/paramedics to help train the fire department and cultivate a paramedic program using police and fire personnel in Loreto.

The paramedic program has brought together police, fire and hospital personnel to upgrade the delivery of emergency medical services to the community. The Sister City Association also has worked with other communities and private companies to donate equipment to the Loreto Fire Department and area hospitals.

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